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An MC and facilitator delivering an unforgettable experience 

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As an MC and facilitator, Brett de Hoedt works to deliver an unforgettable experience. He doesn’t just read a script but creates an experience for every audience member. 

Brett has a wealth of experience in emceeing, including hosting the Lady Mayoress’ Balls and global conferences for United Way. 

Aimed to entertain and engage with his audience, Brett converses with his audience in a natural and professional manner. 

Speaker Topics

And Now for the Good News
This is a little different. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the world’s problems. Takes your audience’s mind off the day-to-day with this ad-hoc selection of positive developments big and small, scientific and social. It will leave your audience more-than-a-little pleasantly surprised. Some of the good news will be vaguely familiar, most won’t. A presentation that will make you laugh, think and glad you came.
Industry Makeover
Does your company or sector suffer from an undeserved lack of respect, understanding and adoration? Brett can help with that. Let him talk you through understanding your audiences, their perceptions and how to market yourself to a place in the hearts and minds of the many.
The key to gaining more customers, job candidates, members, donors, volunteers and influence. Better marketing assists every part of the business from sales to HR. It’s part culture part practice. This presentation looks at how any organisation can dramatically improve its marketing using a combination of high and low-tech, free and paid options.
Media Training
As delivered at Al Gore’s Climate Reality event. The meek shall not inherit the Earth – nor will they gain significant media coverage. Gaining media coverage is still the best boost you can give your organisation or career – but how does it happen? Whether as an organisation, sector or individual, Brett de Hoedt will tell you what it takes to gain your share of the media spotlight. He looks at the culture you’ll need to cultivate and the many ways you can ensure the media come knocking on your door.
So you Want to Break into the Nonprofit Sector
The Australian nonprofit sector is worth billions and continues to attract more private sector businesses and consultants keen to service the sector and make a profit in doing so. Brett’s consultancy has successfully worked exclusively with the nonprofit sector since 1999 and understands NFP culture. Newcomers to the sector – recruiters, accountants, investment advisors and the like can benefit from Brett’s extensive experience.
The Internet: not just a phase we’re going through.
How many organisations are making the most of websites, eMarketing and social media? Almost none; including yours. This presentation aims to set you on a path to digital domination. Minimal jargon and delivered from a communications – not technical – perspective. Discovering your inner media tart.
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