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Tony Cosentino

Travels from: Victoria

His keynotes and workshops help to significantly boost team productivity

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Human Resources, Leadership

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Tony Cosentino works with people in leadership roles like managers, and people who crave more from their career and professional life!

Tony's keynotes and workshops help you and your team gain more CLARITY, CONTROL & ENGAGEMENT over your time and demands;  giving you more leverage over your personal and professional life. This includes breaking free from things like workplace overwhelm and stress.

We all know that it can be lonely at the top, and you need someone on your side to give you the career tools and strategies to feel fulfilled. This making a positive impact on your salary, your team, and your company.

Tony's keynotes and workshops offer six essential steps to significantly boost team productivity up to 30% leaving you with feeling more fulfilled and in control.  The strategy he advocates has a road-map of goals and practical steps to move forward!

These are some typical Keynotes and Workshops that Tony delivers: 


Tony has been coaching and mentoring many TEDx public speakers and thought leaders on how to give an 18 minute talk with no notes, creating real audience impact.  If you’re presenting to your team, are you making a high impact? Are these people inspired by your delivery?

As a Life and Execute Coach, Tony has received thousands of hours of life coaching from experts in various areas which have given him the edge in coaching. He has received coaching training from Mark Peysha and Maurice Leon and has learnt directly from the masters Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, and studied at the Center for Strategic Intervention.

Tony has traveled to over 21 countries and has experienced culturally diverse ways to obtain sustainable solutions to life’s challenges. Six years ago he started learning Spanish to facilitate communication with the locals in South America. He has participated in providing self-development coaching to people in South America and to members of the Spanish-speaking community in Melbourne.

Tony Cosentino - Leadership

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