Sonia McDonald

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Building a World of Courageous & Kind Leaders

Categories: Business Coaching, Leadership

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Renowned for her dynamic and entertaining presentations, Sonia McDonald’s enthusiasm and genuine love for leadership and strategy has seen her take the stage across the nation. Her attributes of energy, empathy, kindness, sensitivity and humour shines as she speaks on the topics of organisational development, workplace diversity and the neuroscience of leadership. 

Presenting complex ideas in an easy to understand manner, Sonia’s presentations are as practical as they are educational. Sonia doesn’t want to see her audiences soak in her speeches but apply them directly in the workplace. 

With a key focus on strategies, Sonia takes a neuroscience approach, showing audiences the power of the human brain, as well as how to push businesses to achieve and surpass objectives.

Having presented to some of the nation’s largest companies, events and organisations, Sonia translates ideas into implementable strategies. She has worked across multiple sectors and industries, including retail, education, construction and engineering, consulting, executive search and the public sector.

Sonia is known for her ability to inspire individuals, creating a positive change and action. 

Speaker Topics

Courageous Leadership
Explore the philosophy behind courageous leadership and in turn dare to step into your own power as a leader
Future Leaders
Designed for school and tertiary students to become the best versions of themselves and learn the skills needed to become leaders
Just Rock It!
Sonia talks about overcoming fear from a neuroscience perspective to help create a world of courageous and brave people where everyone feels empowered to shine and stand tall and help make others reach for the stars
Leadership Attitude Keynote
Explore why leadership is an attitude not a role or a title. Discover the five keys to a leadership attitude and learn how you can be a leader through your values, actions, mindset and behaviour
Leadership in Small Business
Many small business owners fail to understand their crucial leadership role in building a long-term sustainable business. Sonia aims to empower you and help you to move through your fear by teaching audiences the skills, tools and confidence needed to lead and manage
Leading the Next Generations
Learn about the up and coming workforces which are more technically savvy, have a global mindset, want sustainable communities and crave quality mentorship.
New Kindness of Leadership
Our world is fast changing, and so also is leadership. This keynote is centred on creating leaders who know that kindness and courage are required to lead our new world. When you think of leaders today, a ton of people probably come to mind, however, when you dig further into successful leadership in our world today, the scope becomes narrower. This keynote answers why and what it takes to be a new kind of leader today.


We were looking for an empowering speaker and Sonia stood out to us, and boy she didn’t disappoint. Our attendees described Sonia as an ‘inspiring, extraordinary, energetic, positive, motivational and incredible speaker’. We had women leaving the room saying they were ready to ‘rock it!’

Q Super

Sonia combines three major assets: bucket loads of passion for her clearly defined purpose, a thorough grounding in the principles of leadership and neuroscience, and an engaging personal style which makes her an adapt-able and engaging presenter in front of any audience. Presenting at the event, Sonia had the audience captured with her energy, dance moves and compelling story telling, leaving all attendees empowered to surround themselves with the right people and confident to take risks to learn and lead.


Sonia McDonald - Leadership

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