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Create a collaborative team and workplace

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Simon Dowling is a leading thinker on creating collaborative teams and workplaces. As a speaker, facilitator and educator, he works closely with leaders and teams from some of Australia’s most interesting organisations, equipping them with the inspiration and know-how to build strong, highly engaged teams.

Simon possesses a unique blend of creativity and pragmatism – something reflected in his past experience. He began his career as a commercial lawyer, and is also an experienced improviser, regularly performing with leading improvisation company Impro Melbourne. He was a regular cast member on Working Dog’s hit TV show Thank God You’re Here.

As the founder and Managing Director of training and development company 2engage, Simon has nearly two decades experience working with senior executive groups to build their communication and leadership effectiveness.

Simon’s clients include organisations such as the AFL, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, BUPA, Envato, Honda, Leidos, myob, Norman Disney & Young, Readify, RSM Accountants, SEEK and Telstra Health. He is also a member of the Australian faculty of DukeCE – the executive education arm of the internationally acclaimed business school at Duke University.

Collaborative leadership is a topic so close to Simon’s heart that he wrote a book about it. In Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas (Wiley, 2016), Simon encourages everyone to become a champion of buy- in— a critical skill for ‘small L’ leadership... the essence of any collaborative workplace

Simon helps his clients answer the following questions:

• How do we turn the idea of collaboration into something practical and meaningful - not just a feel-good vibe that quickly leads to a collaboration hangover for everyone?

• How can we equip our leaders to generate real buy-in to strategies, ideas and initiatives – ensuring those ideas come to life rather than stalling (like to so many do) in the face of apathy and resistance? 

• How do our leaders build trust and connection with teams and other stakeholders?

• How do we lead in the face of change and uncertainty, and learn to ditch our own scripts and lead ‘in the moment’?

Simon Dowling - Leadership

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