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Simon Dowling

Travels from: Victoria

Helping teams harness their collective genius 

Categories: Business Speakers, Communication, Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Simon Dowling is one of Australia’s leading experts in collaborative leadership, helping teams to tap their collective potential

Clients book Simon because they are looking to...

  • Foster teams that truly ‘hum’ - thriving on strong team dynamics that fuel engagement and high performance
  • Positively influence change through buy-in, cooperation and strong relationships of trust
  • Build strong and meaningful collaboration across teams and organisations

Author of the best-selling ‘Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas’, Simon is a former lawyer who’s also an actor and improviser, and was a cast member on hit TV show Thank God You’re Here

Simon speaks at conferences and events throughout Australia and overseas, tailoring his keynote for each event. Known for his smarts and playful humour, Simon’s interactive presentations deliver a memorable blend of insights, inspiration, actionable ideas and the pure joy of laugh-out-loud fun.

Simon regularly works with companies such as AFL, Bega Foods, BUPA, Department of Education (NSW), Envato, Holding Redlich, Honda, RSM Accountants and SEEK. 

With over 20 years as a speaker, performer and facilitator, Simon is a refreshingly different choice for your next event.  

Speaker Topics

Cracking the Collaboration Code
For many, simply the word collaboration evokes a jaded response, with memories of way too many meetings and post it note sessions. Collaboration is much more than a vibe. In this presentation, Simon shows audiences the difference between meaningful and unproductive collaboration, offering them a clear way forward. How do we get different parts of our team or organisation working together in a way that creates real value? How do we decide when to collaboration and when not to? How do we bridge the divides and silos in our organisation? Ideal for audiences whose success depends on working as part of a broader team.
Making Bold: The secret to teams that hum
How do we create the conditions for teams to truly perform at their best? To enable people to be bold enough to do the things that truly underpin high performance: to speak up, challenge the status quo, to contribute ideas and to give and receive feedback. This memorable and super useful presentation shows you how, answering questions such as why do team dynamics go wrong? What does it take to create a culture where teams are B.O.L.D. What are the 5 Practices of Making BOLD? Ideal for audiences who work in teams, or who lead teams.
The Power of Buy In
This presentation is all about making things happen though positive influence. This is at the heart of small L leadership, where your impact has nothing to do with your title or position, and everything to do with your ability to engage others and create buy in. Based on the ideas in Simons best selling book, Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas, it answers questions such as How do we get others to work with us on our ideas and initiatives? How do we positively influence change without authority? What does it take to build strong relationships of trust? Ideal for audiences who are looking to influence change and generate action.


Thank you Simon for a wonderfully engaging session at our offsite. Not only did our leaders really enjoy your time with us, the pragmatic approach really resonated.


Simon’s approach is a rare and powerful combination of practical, authentic and creative.

Laureate International Universities

Simon is a very engaging presenter and your team will improve if they implement just 10% of what he presents.

Honda Australia

Simon recently worked with our sales staff to improve their effectiveness. Feedback from all the group was very positive with many colleagues asking "what next". From my perspective, he really made me think about how I perform, how we as a team work as well as generating an environment in our workshop for possible new strategies. We had a great workshop and will be looking to work with Simon for some time.

ebm-papst A&NZ

Simon is an excellent facilitator and trainer. He takes time to understand the organisational objectives and potential obstacles. In facilitating, he keeps the team on track, but also know when to let the discussion flow. As a trainer, he is engaging and entertaining. His training is well structured and invokes positive and lasting change in behaviours.

Ricoh Australia

Simon Dowling - Leadership

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