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Mark Zawacki

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Mark Zawacki

A frequent speaker, panelist and moderator at industry conferences globally.

As the Founder of 650 Labs and Milestone Group, Mark Zawacki has been leading successful teams to produce measurable results. Working on initiatives including corporate strategy, innovation, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering and organisational transformation, Mark understands how to improve business and succeed. 

Mark has worked across the globe, and with numerous clients ranging from those in financial services, telecommunications, retail, media, automotive, healthcare, technology as well as energy. 

Leading a 2 year research study, Mark helped to identify the cultural, organisational and leadership differences between Silicon Valley giants and typical listed companies. He discovered what traditional businesses needed to change in order to increase innovation, employee engagement and business. 

Before founding both 650 Labs and Milestone Group, Mark spent nearly a decade as a strategy consultant with the CSC Index, focussing on corporate strategy, organisational change and leveraging technology for impact.

As a frequent speaker, panellist and moderator at industry events globally, Mark connects with his audiences and is able to demonstrate how to create and implement positive changes. 

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