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Mark Williams - Leadership - An expert manager and coach, who loves a challenge ...

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Mark Williams

An expert manager and coach, who loves a challenge

Mark Williams has held a Senior Coaching position in the AFL for over 25 years, working using his impeccable skills of management and multi-tasking. He has helped manage the dreams of players, coordinate with assitant coaches, support and medical staff all whilst being under the public eye. 

Mark is an expert at building and maintaining close relationships with the Heads of Departments, the CEO and the board, which are often vital to the teams’ success. Each and every person, and department, has their own special needs and showing the ability to recognise their talents and needs is the “Art of Management.”

With an approachable personality, Mark works to ensure success, and instills this passion in everyone he meets. He aims to help his audience create a workplace that is fun, safe and allows everyone to acheive. Mark's aim is to produce optimistic and innovative management, direction, autonomy and an overall progressive happy workplace. Individuals, who know exactly how he or she will be assessed, as well as their development pathway, strive to raise the bar and deliver the exceptional.

He has worked with sport teams both nationally and internationally, as well as sports psychologists and leadership groups, which equips him with innovative coaching and mangement strategies. 

Mark looks forward to challenges, allowing them to drive and push him to success and audience's leave his presentations feeling the same way. He is also a cancer survivor of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with a great story to tell.

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