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Ken Lay APM

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Ken Lay APM

Striving to make Australia a better place through changes 

Along with exceptional experience, integrity and strong commitment to the community,  Ken Lay APM  personifies and demonstrates Leadership.  All of these are the qualities that are required to bring about improvements in governance and organisational change.

Ken Lay is the highly respected former Victoria Police Chief Commissioner and the current Chair of the National Ice Taskforce.  Mr Lay also chairs the Council of Australian Governments Advisory Panel on reducing violence against women and their children and he has recently been appointed Chair of the new Board of Ambulance Victoria.

Mr Lay has extensive skills, knowledge and experience in emergency services, and in his new role Ken will continue the vital reform and modernisation of Ambulance Victoria to ensure Victorians can get the care they need, in a timely way.

Joining the police force in 1974, Mr Lay had a heralded career that saw him head up the State’s world class road safety programs, and implement significant cultural and structural change as Victoria Police’s Chief Commissioner.

He was Victoria Police Chief Commissioner for three years, and over many years, Mr Lay has provided extraordinary leadership and guidance on 15 Boards or Councils, including the Community Council on Crime and Violence, the Australian Crime Commission, and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Victorian born and raised, Ken Lay has brought a quiet dignity and a steely determination to his time as Police Commissioner and has proven to be a clear and strong voice for an end to the violence in our society associated with drug taking and in particular the violence inflicted upon our women and children. 

Alongside the huge challenges he faces in bringing improvements to the ambulances services – ensuring the culture is better, the response times improve and the workforce is better resourced and supported,  Ken Lay will continue to strive to make Australia a better place. There is so much to do  - and Ken is the right person for the job.    

Ken Lay has a huge track record of successful leadership and he can elucidate the skills of a good leader for your audience:

  • A passion and drive to get where they need to go
  • To build listening skills so that feedback from the team is taken into account in decision making
  • Stimulate people around you to create and take initiative
  • Help your team to craft a clear vision for the future
  • Understand that to bring about improvement and cultural change, you have to work with and through other people

For Ken Lay, these aren't just theoretical points towards Leadership.  In a relaxed, entertaining and informative way, Ken can tell you the stories and the real-life challenges he has faced and overcome to be a successful leader. 

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