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The Key to Culture Change? It is the rules of belonging

The world has changed fundamentally in the last ten years and dramatically in the last six months. Organisational culture has become an essential focus for senior executives, middle managers and people leaders of all kinds. If we cannot get our people aligned and passionate about our customers and our purpose, we are simply not going to be able to compete. The key to changing organisational culture is this: humans want to belong. They want to belong so much they are willing to do almost anything to ensure they do. When joining a new organisation, they figure out what is successful behaviour in their new group and slowly adopt that behaviour as their own. That is why an organisations culture can be so hard to change. If you want to change your culture, you need to change the rules of belonging. Designed for people leaders and team members who want to cocreate their culture and have a laugh along the way. Read less
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Want to Change Your Culture? Use a Property Project!

Designing and moving into a new office looks like it is about buildings, desks and chairs, it is not. Because the rate of change is accelerating faster than ever, property professionals now find themselves having to think further into the future than any other function within organisations. That means they need to play a much more active role in creating the vision for the future of the organisations they serve, understand what are the right mindsets and behaviours that will lead to greatest success and create the spaces that will encourage those mindsets and behaviours. It is a daunting task. The physical environment has a profound impact on the way humans think, feel and behave towards one another. What looks like being about desks and chairs is actually about status, territory and complex interpersonal dynamics. Do not miss the golden opportunity to use your project as a catalyst for change. Designed for property and associated professionals who want to use their projects to drive large scale organisational change. Read less
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What Does Your Culture Need From You?

Your employee culture will give you anything you want, as long as you give it what it needs first. Though it might not be obvious, there are actually two cultures in your organisation. An employee culture and a leadership culture. No matter how well loved, respected or trusted your leaders are, they are not part of the employee culture. Your employee culture has two priorities, first survival and then psychological safety. If leaders give it what it needs to achieve them, it will give them anything they ask. If they do not, it will spend all its time trying to earn them and focus only on how to please internal leaders instead of how to please external customers. Without psychological safety, the employee culture will not come up with the innovative ideas that are critical to future proofing your organisation. And no amount of kick offs, roll outs or town hall inspiration sessions will change that. Designed for people leaders and team members who want to understand how to proactively manage and change their culture and have a laugh along the way. Read less
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Fiona Robertson

Future-proofing your team for the modern workplace

Navigating a rapidly changing future can be challenging for team leaders in the workplace. With decades of experience leading organisations in a variety of sectors, Fiona Robertson has practical insight into building an unstoppable and future-proof team.  

An expert in organisational culture, leadership and teamwork, Fiona holds an MBA from London Business School and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

Fiona began her career at London's Ogilvy Public Relations, specialising in complex multi-country communications campaigns for clients like IBM, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Oracle and McKinsey & Company. 

Not long after, Fiona worked at the National Australia Bank, totalling twelve years across different senior executive positions. She has spearheaded market research and navigated several transformation roles. Fiona also introduced a new set of cultural values and purpose as the Head of Culture.

Across her 30-year professional career, Fiona assisted various governments and major corporations with the design of organisational structures, the handling of sensitive internal and external communications, as well as the change management during challenging periods like acquisitions, restructuring and down-sizing. 

Highly sought after as a culture change coach, Fiona assists senior executives and business owners with executive coaching, career coaching, facilitation, and leadership development programs. She is passionate about helping your organisation with teamwork, building motivation, healthy work cultures, and becoming more responsive in the 21st century workplace.


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