Dan Turton

Travels from: Queensland

Passionate about leadership and driven to help others explore ideas

Categories: Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Facilitators, Innovation, Interesting Ideas, Leadership

Speaker Topics

  • Calculated Creativity - Bringing an Atmosphere of Generosity to the Workplace
  • Passion with a Plan - How to Personally Engage People Through Purpose
  • Think Curiously - The Innovation of Modern Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Dan started his first business at the mere age of 18 – ITECH PTY LTD, which is today one of Asia-Pacific’s largest IT wholesalers. Following his success with this venture, he went on to lead a Youth Culture organisation, fostering creative culture and growing its member base from 80 to 460 in a short period of time.

Dan Turton is passionate about leadership, but even deeper than this is his drive to help others lead and foster new ventures and ideas in leadership. Dan has led in many arenas and capacities and will help you Think Curiously, pioneer Calculated Creativity, and cultivate Emotion and Purpose to drive progress in any forward thinking organisation.

Some of Dan’s clients include Starbucks Coffee, Optus, Audi, Qantas, Suncorp, Westpac, New Zealand Telecom, Griffith Universities, Victorian Government, Rotary International, Queensland Government and numerous Not-For-Profit Organisations.

He serves as an Executive Board Member for the Leadership Institute of Australia. He is a creative entrepreneur, but Dan’s true passion is people, and he is a sought after keynote speaker.

Dan's keynotes include:

  • Think Curiously - The Innovation of Modern Leadership: Leadership goes far beyond the realms of “good leadership”, it’s about fostering creativity and provoking curious thinking to achieve true progress in the work we do. It is intentionally giving people the structure to engage them to be generous in their work, and to give a place for individuals to go ahead and break new ground. Discover how to lead with intent, create curiosity in teams to inspire innovation to achieve genuine, tangible progress. Learn why leaders support generosity in work ethic, by creating supportive structure to attract personal engagement. Encourage your leaders to be open-minded and be visionaries of change to see progress more than just a target.
  • Passion with a Plan - How to Personally Engage People Through Purpose: Utilising passionate, engaged people can literally change your organisational world, but we need to map the journey to allow people to be guided to a place where growth and new thinking is ‘business as usual’, and we utilise passion on purpose. Take away strategies that can inspire new, ground-breaking progress and discover how to bring meaningful progress and stability to innovative work.    
  • Calculated Creativity - Bringing an Atmosphere of Generosity to the Workplace: Planning to think differently fosters an atmosphere of generosity, this flows through from not only being an example, but also the notion that we walk together as one - each person with a sense of ownership and responsibility to see progress happen. A leader will inspire action and the individual will action innovation. When this combination comes into effect, we see a revolution of new ways of work and collaboration. Learn why we must become responsive and not reactive to survive new demands from the global market and how to make this a reality. Explore how to use new thinking in motivation to inspire individuals to lead and forge new pathways of innovation. Discover why great culture is more effective when it is viewed as a measure of personal engagement rather than an strategic measure of organisational health.
Dan Turton - Leadership

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