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Being Brave: The Authentic, Vulnerable and Courageous Leader

As a leader, you are both the observer and observed. It can be hard to escape the cycle of feeling unsure and weak. Cameron models his Being Brave mantra which is a seven-step process to help audiences find answers, rebuild confidence and be the leaders they aspire to be Read less
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Leadership is About the Example You Set and the Culture You Create

Cameron articulates four core leadership habits that are immediately executable, to create the behaviours and culture to lead with authenticity and achieve high-performance outcomes. Read less
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Leveling Up: What Business Can Learn From Professional Team Sport

Enabling leaders to establish performance accountability, Cameron explains a seven-step process to help people consistently set high expectations and do the right thing even when it is hard. Read less
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The Score Takes Care of Itself: Aligning Purpose and Performance

Cameron delivers a game-changing framework that aligns purpose and performance and discusses its relation to the complex mix of culture, strategy, leadership and decision making judgement. Read less
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Cameron Schwab

Youngest AFL Club CEO with extensive experience in leadership

Best known as the young 24 year old CEO of Richmond Football Club, Cameron Schwab has had an extensive history of leadership from a young age. He is not only the youngest CEO in AFL history, but is also the second longest-serving CEO spanning 25 years as the CEO of Richmond, Melbourne and Fremantle.

Drawing upon over three decades worth of leadership experience, Cameron has continued to share his leadership expertise with executive boards and CEOs to build leadership skills. He has a keen focus on organisational performance and transformation. 

With vast experience as a leader in an environment as active and publicised as the AFL, Cameron is no stranger to tackling some of the profession’s most daunting challenges. In the face of adversity, Cameron’s focus on unifying groups has fostered a culture of teamwork and trust, even through the most difficult of circumstances. Through strategic renewal, Cameron builds organisational capability to boost performance and morale. 

Cameron holds an MBA and Master of Marketing from the Melbourne Business School, as well as the Advancement Management Program (AMP) from Harvard Business School and Harvard Program on Board Effectiveness. In addition, Cameron is also a Vincent Fairfax Fellow of the Centre of Ethical Leadership at the University of Melbourne, and has received his Coaching Certification from the Columbia Business School in New York.

Cameron has given presentations to every kind of audience, including CEOs, seniors and organisations. With a unique talent to engage and inspire, Cameron uses his own leadership experience to discuss how he navigated some of the biggest challenges within his career. He enjoys unpacking his own challenges with openness, vulnerability, and generosity.

As a writer, his editorial pieces on sport and leadership have been featured in The Age.


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