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Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins

One of The World's Most Prominent Lifeguards, TV Personality and Vice-President of Surf Education International

Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins is perhaps the most well-known lifeguard in the world, having led the rescue team on Bondi Beach for many years.  His exploits have been made famous by the TV show 'Bondi Rescue', which has run for 16 seasons and is one of the Discovery Channel's most popular shows. The success of the series has propelled Hoppo into the limelight, from fashion shoots in Vogue Australia to the red carpet at movie premiers.

Since season 1 of Bondi Rescue, Hoppo has been involved in mass rescues, body retrievals and more resuscitations than any other lifeguard. In 2006, he earned himself the Australian lifeguard of the Year Award. With over 30 years of experience, Hoppo is now the Chief Lifeguard in Bondi and the Vice-President of Surf Education International.

Hoppo has trained and competed in surf events since he was six years old. His extensive knowledge of water safety and lifeguard services has taken him around the globe to countries such as Japan, India, Maldives, the UK, and Dubai as a consultant.  He is incredibly passionate about water safety and uses his platform to promote it wherever possible. In fact, in 2021, Hoppo launched the "Float to Survive" initiative alongside former Iron Man Craig Riddington, which aimed to promote water safety and tackle the rise in the level of drowning incidents. In addition, he has developed safety and rescue procedures to minimise response times, which have been adopted and implemented by lifeguard services both in Australia and around the globe.

Recognised worldwide for his appearance in the hit show Bondi Rescue, Hoppo is a TV personality, brand ambassador and keynote speaker. As a speaker, he has covered everything from watersports and safety to leadership and teamwork management. With extensive experience working in high-pressure and life-threatening environments, he understands how important it is to adapt to change and successfully manage a team.

Late 2020, Hoppo aired the first episode of his brand-new podcast, Life's a Beach. He has interviewed numerous guests on his podcast, including actor Mark Furze, comedian Rosie Waterland, and SAS Australia's Eden Dally. They discuss their triumphs and tragedies in an open and candid forum. As a former ambassador for R U OK? Day, Hoppo hopes to bring awareness to mental health and suicide awareness, revealing how lifeguards and lifesavers equip themselves with the tools needed to handle the emotional demands of the job.

Hoppo is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant worldwide. As the global pandemic continues, he can tailor his presentation to discuss the effects of the coronavirus on our ability to lead and communicate effectively.


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