Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins

Travels from: New South Wales

One of the world’s most influential and recognised Lifeguards

Categories: Change Management, Communication, Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins is perhaps the most well known lifeguard in the world, having led the rescue team on Bondi Beach for many years. His exploits have been made famous by the TV show, 'Bondi Rescue', which has run for 12 seasons and is still the Discovery Channel’s most watched show. The success of the series has propelled Hoppo into the limelight, from fashion shoots in Vogue Australia to the red carpet at movie premiers. 

Yet he never loses sight of his work, using his exposure to promote water safety wherever possible. He was a major contributor to the recent Australian campaign about water safety in the ocean and the backyard pool, which was aimed at tackling the rise in level of drowning incidents. He is also Vice-President of Surf Education International, lecturing around the world to promote water safety issues. 

Hopkins has created safety and rescue procedures to minimise response times which other lifeguard services now implement both nationally and internationally, making him a leader in beach safety.

His extensive knowledge in water safety and lifeguard services has taken him around the world as a consultant including Japan, India, Maldives, Dubai, UK and Sweden. He is a regular guest speaker at various international corporations and organisations about leadership, teamwork and water safety.

Constantly working in high-pressure and life-threatening environments, Hoppo understands how important it is to adapt to change as well as successfully manage a team. He is passionate about effective leadership, clear communication as well as adapting to and managing difficult situations. 

Bruce is recognised around the globe as a TV personality, brand ambassador and keynote speaker, covering everything from watersports and safety to leadership and teamwork management. Always smiling, with a clean cut, handsome, heroic image that will enhance any brand or occasion, Bruce is in huge demand worldwide and loves every minute of it.

As the global pandemic continues, Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins can tailor his presentation to discuss the effects of the coronavirus on your ability to lead and communicate effectively. Hoppo can present his keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.


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