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Growth Mindset and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

A growth mindset is the underlying belief that abilities and intelligence can be learned and improved, allowing you to thrive even in the most challenging times. In this keynote, Anne will explore how we can strengthen our growth mindset by developing our emotional intelligence. Read less
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Lead Like YOU! – How To Find Your Courageous Leadership Brand

Being yourself is a powerful thing! In this keynote, Anne shares the power of Authentic Leadership as a key to influencing and inspiring teams. She also shares the power of Courageous Self-Leadership, and how leading with authenticity, strengths, and emotional intelligence is the key to influencing and inspiring teams. Read less
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Leading through the Frontline

Drive success through Frontline Leadership Development Read less
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Living Proof Leadership (LPL)

In this keynote, Anne introduces the concept of Living Proof Leadership, the act of embodying the traits you want to see in your team to truly Lead by Example. Read less
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Power Your EQ

In this keynote, Anne proposes that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the single most significant factor impacting today's leadership success. Read less
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Resilience And Resolve – The Power of Self-Leadership in Times of Change

The world of work is always changing. With every day comes an exciting opportunity to create, innovate and evolve. However, it also comes with challenges. An experienced Leader in STEM and specialist in EQ-based Leadership, Anne is living proof of how the challenges we face and the choices we make next can shape us as stronger, authentic and resilient Leaders. Read less
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Step Forward, Be Bold

The most crucial points in your career will often come down to two things: opportunity and initiative. In this keynote, Anne introduces the concept of being BOLD and how to take courageous action to get unstuck. Read less
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Strengths in Diversity

Drawing on her expertise in Strengths-based Leadership, Anne builds a case for diversity and inclusivity in STEM. She demonstrates that combining our unique strengths and perspectives is key to not only creating positive and synergistic work cultures but driving innovation in Australia’s fastest-growing sector. Read less
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Anne Koopmann-Schmidt

Founder of the “Lead like YOU!” Movement and Award-Winning Engineer.

Anne is an award-winning manufacturing engineer, University lecturer and business consultant. With over ten years of experience in the manufacturing industry delivering major transport projects, Anne holds a Master’s degree in the combined studies of “Mechanical Engineering and Business Management”. Since starting her career as an engineer, Anne has become a senior people leader, certified NLP coach and practitioner, and a trained Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Strength Coach. 

As a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional intelligence and NLP Coach, Anne has worked with individuals and organisations to empower leaders to inspire and create impact. She equips her audience with the key skills needed to become courageous leaders that embrace vulnerability and celebrate diversity.

Anne currently runs her own business as a leadership development consultant and is the founder of the “Lead like YOU!” movement. She helps build self-confidence and motivate high-performing teams by highlighting the importance of identifying their unique strengths and defining their unique leadership identity. Anne regularly works with leading organisations such as the Women’s Rail Network, Lean In, the Victorian State Government and Monash University. Anne is also part of the Innovation Practice Program at Melbourne University’s School of Engineering, where she teaches “Leadership for Innovation”.

With over a decade’s worth of experience as a global senior leadership expert, Anne’s scientific insights on EQ Coaching and her personal stories of leadership and entrepreneurship enable her to shatter limiting beliefs about who, or what, a ‘Great Leader’ should be. She has become known for her powerful keynotes inspiring new and emerging leaders to embrace their unique strengths and lead with authenticity and impact. An authentic and engaging speaker, Anne is incredibly passionate about using her experiences to teach and uplift her audience.  

In 2017, Anne received the Young Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame for her commitment to Quality Excellence. 

In 2020, Anne was named one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers. 

Anne has been featured in Australian Business Review and Star Journal publications and on the cover of Rail Express Australia.


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