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Young Manufacturer of the Year 2017

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What if you dared to be different? To own who you are, quirks and all. What if being yourself was, in itself, a superpower? This is the “Lead like YOU!” movement, founded by Anne Koopmann-Schmidt. 

Anne is known for her powerful and authentic keynotes where she unleashes her Authentic Leadership and demonstrates this as a key to influencing and inspiring teams. Anne has used this method throughout her 10+ years career as a leader in engineering and it enabled her to be on the high potential graduate program, have an international career and, within just 6 years, accelerate her leadership to be on the Australian leadership team for a multinational manufacturing company. Anne will show you how discovering your Unique Leadership Identity, developing your Emotional Intelligence and Strength will empower you to lead with confidence and flair.

Anne is an experienced, engaging and authentic speaker and enjoys sharing her passion for authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, strengths-based development, frontline and first-time management, diversity and women in leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). You will walk away both inspired and will a toolkit of with practical tips and the motivation to level up your leadership.

Anne started her career as an engineer and quickly accelerated to a senior people leader. With over 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry delivering major transport projects, Anne holds a Master’s degree in the combined studies of “Mechanical Engineering and Business Management”. Throughout her career Anne has worked in Germany, Canada, the USA and Australia. Anne is a certified NLP coach & practitioner and a trained Emotional intelligence & Strength coach. In 2017, Anne was awarded the Young Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Anne now runs her own business as a leadership development consultant, leveraging her leadership experience in the STEM industry. She is committed to helping individuals and leadership teams become confident and authentic leaders through private and corporate coaching and training. She is the founder of the “Lead like YOU!” movement and in her work she focuses on defining her clients’ unique leadership identity and developing their strengths and emotional intelligence. 

Anne is a dynamic speaker available for keynotes, plenary sessions, break-out sessions, workshops, facilitated events and MC

Speaker Topics

Growth Mindset and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
A growth mindset is the underlying belief that abilities and intelligence can be learned and improved. A growth mindset allows you to thrive even in the most challenging times. In this keynote, Anne will explore how we can strengthen our growth mindset through developing our emotional intelligence.
Lead Like YOU!
Being yourself is a powerful thing! What if you dared to be different? To own who you are, quirks and all. What if being yourself was, in itself, a superpower? In this keynote, Anne shares the power of Authentic Leadership as a key to influencing and inspiring teams.
Lead with Strength
Our greatest opportunity for success lies in building on our natural talents, our strengths
Leading through the Frontline
Drive success through Frontline Leadership Development
Living Proof Leadership (LPL)
It is one thing to say you are a Leader. And another to BE a Leader, and put words into action. In this keynote, Anne introduces the concept of Living Proof Leadership, the act of embodying the traits you want to see in your team to truly Lead by Example.
Power Your EQ
We are all born with Emotional Intelligence. It is what you do with it that counts. Being a great Leader is about winning hearts and minds. In this keynote, Anne proposes that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the single biggest factor impacting Leadership success today.


Anne was the keynote speaker at one of our Sessions and I couldn’t be happier with our choice! Not only was she a pleasure to deal with but her presentation was so appropriate for the audience of younger female mentees as well as their more senior mentors. It was a great balance of introducing theories and practical actions, and spot on in relation to how our ideas on leadership are changing. Anne was both professional and down to earth. Thanks Anne!

Level Crossing Removal Project

Anne is a great speaker and mentor. She attended a networking event that was organized for Women in STEM at Swinburne University of Technology as a speaker and she made an outstanding speech to our members. It was very interesting and motivational to hear about her journey and experiences. She played a significant role in the success of the evening. We are very grateful for the time and effort she took to share her thoughts and knowledge with our members.

Swinburne University of Technology

Anne Koopmann-Schmidt - Leadership

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