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Anna Bligh

An inspirational leader and role model

When Anna Bligh was voted in as the first female Premier of Queensland she became a household name and Anna was also the first woman elected in her own right as a State Premier in Australia.

The legacy that Anna Bligh left as the Queensland Premier will be one remembered as exceptional leadership. This was evident to the State of Queensland and to the entire Nation during the tragedy of the Queensland flood and storm disasters of 2011, where Anna showed her exceptional leadership skills during a crisis and Ms. Bligh was awarded Australia’s National Emergency Medal.

From her earliest school days and later at Queensland University, Anna Bligh has always displayed a strong desire to make a difference. With passion, commitment and leadership, Anna has always strived to make Australia a better place.

When Anna retired from politics in March 2012 she kept busy with travel, writing a book, holding several Board positions and she is also highly sought after on the motivational keynote speaking circuit both in Australia and internationally.

In 2013, Anna announced that she had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and subsequently went through a year of treatment. Ms. Bligh was given the all clear from her doctors before taking on another challenging role as the CEO of YMCA NSW in early 2014.

Upon taking this role Anna said "Data shows the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening, and that should concern us all. One of the things that drives the YWCA is wanting to help people overcome disadvantage and get a slice of the cake so they can climb beyond their original circumstances with a little bit of help. You have to believe these things can happen."

Anna Bligh is among the finest speakers in the country and has wonderful presence and fabulous insights into leadership and motivation with a sense of practicality and experience.

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