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Rhiannon Tuntevski

Volunteering in a Thai orphanage as a teenager showed Rhiannon Tuntevski that she could change the world.  But it is her determination, passion and enthusiasm that has allowed her to succeed and encourage other “millenials” to conquer the world.  Her unfailing belief that we can all contribute to making the world a better place is inspiring.

Rhiannon has held management roles in human resources and marketing.  Tuntevski has been awarded the Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership and was a nominated attendee at the National Student Leaders Forum and Women in Leadership Symposium.

Amazingly frank and refreshingly honest, Rhiannon inspires young people to achieve and uses her passion to present, inspiring attendees to challenge their thoughts on young people in the workplace. 

Understanding, that in the next few years, more than half the workforce will consist of millennials, Rhiannon will give you a fresh perspective.  Young leaders are the future and learning to recognise, value and understand how they work will give you the corporate edge to succeed.  Tuntevski has help corporate management positions in Marketing and People Management.

At a young age, Tuntevski has already proven she can show an audience how to reap the benefits and engage with audiences to change perspectives.  Rhiannon shares her confidence and shows how we can make a difference every day.

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