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Robynne Berg

Innovation consultant and authority on customer-centric innovation 

As an internationally qualified innovation consultant, Robynne Berg is a leading authority on customer-centric innovation. Passionate about bringing people, customers and ideas together, Robynne is the Principle of innovation consultancy thinkplayact, where she encourages co-creation and engagement. 

Robynne is a highly sought-after speaker, having spoken at a wide variety of forums, conferences and events, and is known for backing up her passion with evidence. With a distinctive ability to present the imperatives, Robynne ensures every minute of her presentation is jam-packed with information. 

Holding a Masters of Business (Marketing), Robynne is also a Blue Ocean Strategy® practitioner. 

Reframing, innovating and creating customer value is key to Robynne as she believes that customer-centricity lies at the heart of any successful innovation. 

Previously, Robynne has worked with both national and international entities to create innovative solutions, addressing industry disruption as well as changing customer expectations. She has also held several senior executive roles in a range of industries. 

Robynne’s keynotes combine rich information with her engaging style, leaving audiences both educated and empowered to create their own level of innovation. 

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