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Julia Kay

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Julia Kay

Tackling plastic pollution as the Co-Founder of Great Wrap

Passionate about all things material and design, Julia pursued a career in architecture, where she worked across Australia and Europe for over a decade.

Having designed everything from local galleries to schools, Julia’s experience in construction was a real eye-opener to the amount of waste businesses were churning out every day. In Australia alone, more than 150,000 tonnes of stretch wrap are sent to landfills every year.

Realising something had to be done, Julia took on the near-impossible task of finding a solution to plastic pollution.

Soon after in 2019, Julia co-founded Great Wrap alongside her husband Jordy Kay. Collaborating with leading engineers and scientists, they were able to manufacture a compostable stretch wrap for homes and businesses.

Now leading the business as co-CEOs, Julia and her husband continue to explore eco-friendly ways for doing business, including with their ever-evolving solar-powered factory in Mornington Peninsula.

Julia is passionate about inspiring long-term sustainability. She is excited to expand Great Wrap so that its impact on the planet will continue to grow for generations to come.

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