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Steph Prem - Health - Former winter Olympian and leading women

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Steph Prem

Former winter Olympian and leading women's health advocate

Steph Perm is a former winter Olympian who is becoming one of Australia’s leading experts and advocates for women’s health and fitness. 

Steph is currently the resident Fitness Expert for Priceline Pharmacy, Expert Pilates Panelist and Contributor for Women’s Fitness magazine, Wellness Ambassador and face of the Peninsula Hot springs, Women’s Health Week Ambassador for Jean Hails and regular contributor to numerous online health platforms.

A five-time Australian Champion, Steph was the only female to represent Australia in snowboardcross at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Following the games, she suffered from a career ending injury, which took her awat from professional sports and into health and well-being.  

In 2014, Steph secured her role as an expert commentator and panelist for Channel 10’s coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Combining her knowledge, athletic history and passion, she was a unique addition to the commentary team. 

As founder of popular health and lifestyle digital publication 'Premium Performance', and Melbourne’s most luxury health and fitness destination ‘Studio PP’, Steph has cemented her place in the health and fitness industry.

Steph is a regular on the speaking circuit having delivered keynotes for a wide range of clients, including Nike, Priceline, Lulu Lemon, Artseries, Peninsula Hot Springs, as well as amny more. 

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to any presenting, panelist or motivational speaking role, Steph is quick-witted, charismatic and personable allowing her to create a strong rapport. She is a popular choice for thsoe who are looking for more than just an average presenter or speaker. 

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