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Rosie Mansfield - Health - Re-designing the way we eat by educating audiences ...

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Blue Zones

Learn the habits of people who live the longest as Rosie explains the habits we can adopt from places in the world where many live to 100 years old. Read less
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Eating for Mental Health

Get your team eating their way to their happiest and most productive life yet with foods that will help them feel better. Manage energy cycles and beat the 3pm energy slump without a trip to the vending machine with easy recipes and snacks that pack a nutritional punch. Read less
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F Fads: Realistic long life nutrition

Exhausted by the fast turnaround of it foods? Find out how to live longer and not give up your weekly pizza in this revealing, educational and hilarious talk. Read less
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Gentle Nutrition

In an age of HITT workouts and meal delivery apps, Rosie shares why we need to cook fast, eat slow and be kind to ourselves. Read less
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Rosie Mansfield

Re-designing the way we eat by educating audiences about the importance of a healthy diet

Rosie Mansfield aka Food Hacker™ is ambitious, charming and downright hilarious with an energy and zest for life that is infectious.

Re-designing the way we eat with her unique way of communicating information in healthy, digestible chunks and always with her signature sense of humour, makes her the ideal choice to educate people on the importance of practising a simple healthy daily diet.

Rosie has a unique ability to connect with all generations about what and how they eat in a way that is educational, sustainable and wildly entertaining.

With a goal to inspire anyone to get into the kitchen cooking, Rosie's books demonstrate the ability to strip meals down to their bare essentials and create easier ways for people to cook and eat simple nourishing meals that fit into their busy lives.

Rosie’s uncanny ability to connect and share her passion for good food made her the perfect choice as the new co-host on one of Australia’s favourite cooking shows Good Chef Bad Chef. She also appears regularly on national shows such as Channel 10’s Everyday Gourmet & Everyday Health. 

Rosie is a regular contributor to various online and print publications including The Cusp and Foxtel Lifestyle. She is available for presenting, writing opportunities, keynote speaking and cooking demonstrations.  

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