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Jessica Sepel

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Jessica Sepel

Passionate about educating Australia on the benefits of healthy lifestyles

Jessica Sepel (BHlth, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine) is a leading Australian nutritionist, best-selling author, and the founder of beloved wellness empire JSHealth. 

Jessica is one of Australia’s most sought-after health and wellness experts; she pioneered the UNIDET movement, assisting people all around the world to give up dieting and work towards weight balance, good gut health, heightened energy, clear skin and more.

At the core of Jessica’s philosophy is balanced nutrition and establishing an equilibrium for the mind, body and soul. She has devoted herself to helping people re-define their relationship with body and food by advocating for balanced eating, mindfulness and healthy body image.

With a strong social media presence, Jessica shares her personal story as well as her genuine interest in helping people, to change the lifestyles of those around her. Her nutrition and wellness blog, JSHealth, keeps her close knit community updated on her own health journey and what she learns throughout her experience. 

It is Jessica’s expertise, authenticity and charismatic energy that makes her in-demand for collaborations and brand ambassador roles including Vitamix, Califia Farms, Australian Blueberries, Helga's, Barnes Natural Honey, KitchenAid, Prene Bags, Officeworks, Activia, Schmidt's Naturals, NIB, Burt’s Bees, Qantas, Trilogy, Aussie Apples and Google. Respected for her knowledge and love for cooking, Jessica is also a highly sought-after nutrition speaker and guest chef, regularly appearing at expos, health and wellness, and corporate events, both to provide engaging nutrition commentary and cooking demonstrations.

In 2015, Jessica released her first book, titled 'The Healthy Life', and it became a bestseller. Two years later, she released a second book 'Living the Health Life' as well as her first online nutrition and wellbeing program.

In September 2019, Jessica released her third book, 12-step Mind-Body-Food Reset, which provides her 12 essential tips for overcoming disordered eating, achieving weight balance, and creating good habits – for life. .

In 2021, Jessica and her team successfully launched the JSHealth Skincare range – a natural extension of what JSHealth does best with a four-step range of innovating products that are designed to simplify yet simultaneously supercharge your current skincare routine.

Bringing a fresh voice and perspective to the health and lifestyle sector, Jessica offers simple solutions to both acheiving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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