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Dr Toby Ford

Helping executives and staff become their best selves

A leader in corporate health, Dr Toby Ford is an expert in the area of corporate health risk management. He is a speaker and medical practitioner, and has helped numerous organisations across multiple industries, including mining, resource and construction, government departments, education and professional service firms.

Graduating from the University of Queensland Medical School in 1984, Dr Toby then spent time in public hospitals, before entering private practise in both rural and city locations. He also spent time with the Flying Doctor service, further cementing his passion in the health and wellbeing for remote people.

Dr Toby currently works as a guest lecturer in the University Queensland Business School curriculum and is completing his qualifications for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  

Previously, Dr Toby has been a board member of the Queensland Section, Royal Flying Doctor Service and President of the Workplace Health Association Australia. He has also served as Director of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Senior Medical Examiner, Life Insurance and Actuarial Medicine, Queensland Coal Board, and Visiting Medical Officer to several hospitals in Brisbane. 

Delivering proactive health programs, Dr Toby aims to help employees identify and address their own health risks, as well as supports them to make the changes necessary to overcome them and reach their full potential. He is able to tailor his programs to suit any business or organisation. 

Having presented numerous keynotes, workshops, starter sessions for conferences, company retreats and staff development programs, Dr Toby understands how to address health and wellbeing in a professional and education manner. 

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