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Dr Ginni Mansberg  - Health - A physician, columnist, media commentator, author  ...

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Finding Your Balance

A workshop for working parents on how to manage everything from sleep deprivation and relationships to the boardroom and the bedroom. Read less
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Personal and Family Health

The pressures of keeping ourselves and the people we love healthy can be overwhelming, but it is far simpler once you have the facts. Read less
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Preventing Presenteeism

How to reboot your team from the inside out so they feel valued, vibrant and ready to put their best foot forward. Read less
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Sleep and Stress

Getting a good nights sleep can be the stuff of science fiction, and compounded by the devastating impact of stress, it is a recipe for disaster. Learn what to do about it. Read less
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Staying Healthy Workshop for Frequent Travellers

Manage your health and wellbeing while away from home, in the air, on the road and everything in between. Read less
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Dr Ginni Mansberg

A physician, columnist, media commentator, author and speaker.

Dr. Ginni Mansberg is a regular contributor to health and wellness discussions around the country. She is a highly respected doctor and is available for a wide variety of speaking presentations with an abundance of health and wellness related topics.

She is a physician, columnist, media commentator, author and speaker.

Her presentations are always informative and up-to-date in the ever-changing health and wellness industry. Ginni is a compassionate speaker who works to ensure every audience she speaks to, whether it be her patients, presentation audience or the entire nation, has all the information needed to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Aside from being a GP, she has also authored several books, is a health expert and columnist for numerous magazines, is the resident GP on Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise and ‘The Morning Show’, regularly appears on radio stations, is a blogger on her own website and teaches in the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Ginni is also an ambassador for Barnardos Mother of the Year, the General Practitioners Registrars Association of Australia and Febfast.

An incredibly interesting and knowledgeable speaker, Dr. Ginni Mansberg is a fantastic speaker for a wide array of events, educating her audiences in her path. Her presentations are memorable and she is able to speak to audience sizes from 20 to 500.

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