Reece Carter

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A passionate advocate for sensible nutrition, herbal remidies and fitness

Categories: Health & Lifestyle

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

A champion in the healthy food world, Reece Carter backs up his passion for good food with an education in health science. He is known for his views on whole food nutrition, home grown herbal remedies and fitness. 

Reece’s passion for food has developed from his childhood, spent growing up on a farm and learning to cook real food by his mum. He was introduced to the power of fruits and vegetables at a young age, further fuelling his love for the plants that fuel our bodies. 

In 2017, Reece released his first book ‘The Garden Apothecary’, before releasing his second, ‘The Happy Gut’, a year later

Within the media, Reece can be seen on some of the nation’s major television stations, as well as his written work appearing in magazines and blogs. 

Speaker Topics

Greens, the Gut and Good Mood
Learn how to eat for a healthier mind, stronger immunity, and a happier gut. From green bananas, to cold mashed potatoes, Reece uncovers the power of resistant starch, prebiotics, and dietary fibre to explain which plant based foods have a better and longer lasting effect on your gut health than popping a prebiotic, and why that is important to keep you healthy at work.
Herb Nerd Garden Workshop
Get your hands dirty, destress and discover your green thumb. In this wonderful workshop, build your own take home garden with delicious culinary herbs, as well as those traditionally crafted into healing teas, skin oils, and creams. Have some serious fun with your colleagues in the process! It is the educational gift that keeps on giving.
Reece Carter - Health & Lifestyle

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