Joanna McMillan

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Teaching audiences how embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle

Categories: Health & Lifestyle, Sustainability and Environmentalists

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As a nutritionist, Joanna McMillian is able to make the complex, simple. She is passionate about educating every Australian about health and nutrition.

Joanna delivers informative and engaging keynotes and workshops. She retains the attention of every audience member with her insightful and educational presentations. 

Delivering key information in an easy to understand way is important to Joanna, as she empowers individuals with the knowledge and power to make healthier changes and embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Speaker Topics

Be Your Own Health Advocate
Dr Jo will share with you the latest knowledge on food, drink, exercise, activity, stress and sleep. She busts myths and misconceptions along the way and explores how many different factors can influence not only your health in the immediate and long term, but also drive high self esteem and happiness.
Brain Food
Do you ever think about how your food, drink and lifestyle choices may be impacting your brain? Learn how to optimally fuel your brain to work at its best, while slowing the ageing of the brain and your risk of cognitive decline.
Eating Your Way to Awesome
We all want to look and feel our best and have the energy to give and get the most out of every day. This session is all about busting the myths, exposing the pseudoscience and illuminating the factors that are truly important when it comes to the food we eat.
Fuelling You and Your Gut Microbiome
Until now we thought nutrition was all about us. Well, it turns out we have to think not just about fuelling ourselves optimally, but also fuelling our gut bugs, collectively called the microbiome. This session is all about harnessing the power of your microbiome to optimise your health and wellbeing.


Dr Joanna was so easy to work with, personable, friendly and shows amazing showmanship in her presentation style. Our audience was varied in age and family life stage, Joanna adapted to the group and the financial content that preceded her presentation so well. The booking process and Joanna’s team were also very easy to work with. Keynote was excellent to deal with. We would gladly partner with Joanna again or recommend Joanna to other corporate groups looking for an interesting, well researched and entertaining keynote address. Dr Joanna was flexible and happy to go with the flow of how the event ran. Thank you for sharing some of your unique charisma with our group and at dinner afterwards. It was lovely to get to know you a little more. 10/10 – Great presentation.

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Joanna McMillan - Health & Lifestyle

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