Dr Penny Adams

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A trusted GP with a passion for health

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Dr Penny Adams is a trusted and respected general practitioner who works to ensure every Australian’s health is the best it can be. Combining a caring nature with a sense of humour, her popularity has grown and has seen her appear on media platforms across the nation. She is the current resident GP on the Mornings with Kerri-Anne program.

Holding over 23 years’ experience in general practice, she has a great passion for health promotion and expanding her medical knowledge.

Penny has been involved in multiple forms of media across the years including television and print. From 2002 to 2003 she was a regular medical columnist for ‘Ask the Expert’ in Woman’s Day Magazine. In 2006 she was the health writer for ‘Essentials’ in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. Penny hosted the medical advertising show ‘Feelgood’ and appeared in several commercials displaying various health products including Yakult.  

An avid speaker, Dr Penny Adams happily shares her knowledge and passion for health with every audience she is in front of. She has appeared as a guest speaker at several charity events and conferences

Dr Penny Adams - Health & Lifestyle

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