David Ball

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Become equipped to maintain wellness in corporate life

Categories: Health & Lifestyle, Leadership

Speaker Topics

Leading in a Crisis
Skillful and Sustained
Staying Focused and Healthy
Sustainable High Performance

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David Ball is The Wellness Enabler.  David's engaging and dynamic approach is refreshingly practical and has direct application in everyday life situations.  By mentoring leaders to "stay focused and healthy", David enables leaders to be equipped for the rapid-fire intensity of corporate life over the short and long term.

To excel in leadership, leaders must first and foremost live a balanced life.  For 20 years David Ball has mentored leaders to understand how critically important it is to flourish in all life domains, for optimal sustained success in any.

David is a wellness professional who has led, taught, coached and mentored over 15,000 high performance professionals from all walks and stages of Australian corporate life. Formerly the Wellness Manager at The Golden Door Health Retreat, today he is in ever growing demand for his 1:1 coaching, corporate retreats and inspiring corporate keynotes.

Many leaders are surrounded by a lot of noise. David provides a sustainable way forward for high performers to align their personal and professional life. When high performers fail to strike the right life balance, the consequences can be devastating for themselves, their families and their employer.

His keynote sessions are a masterclass in holistic wellness, resilience and stillness, just the right qualities for a high performing leader to thrive with a sense of style and grace, a sense of being that frankly inspires. His topics include:

  • Sustainable High Performance - The distilled wisdom of 15,000 high performance professionals.
  • Staying Focused and Healthy - discover how to find stillness in a world of noise.
  • Skillful and Sustained - Walking the talk.
  • Leading in a Crisis - A privilege.

Combining his experience with an astute profound emotional intelligence and a palpable goodness, empathy and integrity, David Ball is an unparalleled individual who can help all of us live better, healthier and happier lives.   David will deliver an inspiring message infused with practical how-to’s to your next event.

If you are looking for someone to deliver an entertaining and heartfelt message on the importance and of living well, that doesn’t come at the expense of your ambitions and work aspirations, Keynote Entertainment highly recommend David’s workshops and sessions.

David Ball - Health & Lifestyle

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