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Will Tait

Will Tait inspires audiences by creating admiration for the futures potential and the importance of interconnection, through exploring how science and technology can positively impact the world

Will Tait reveals the hidden potential in situations to inspire and create a sense of wonder about the world. Will has 17 years of experience as an education presenter in the sustainability sector and is the founder of Our Planet Enterprises. This saw him producing and delivering sustainability focused shows for schools throughout Victoria, as well as a tour called ‘The Sustainables’. His passion is motivated by the concept that modern world culture is driven by people being integrally connected to one another and the universe. He’s the lead singer in a theatrical multi-genre festival band, 8Foot Felix, touring globally. Will’s personable and humorous persona creates moments of sharing, joy, and inspiration within his audiences.

Will has been a part of Future Crunch since 2017 as a musical philosopher, MC and presenter. Future Crunch are a group of scientists, artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs with the common belief that science and technology can create a world that is more peaceful, transparent, and abundant. He aims to foster intelligent and optimistic ideals of the future by helping people understand what science and technology mean for human progress.

Every Future Crunch presentation explores the overlap of optimism and the creation of a more plentiful and peaceful planet. Will aims to present current and tailored content to suit specific industries and captivate his audience to ensure their best understanding.


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