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Stephen Yarwood - Futurists & Future Trends - Former Lord Mayor of Adelaide and Innovator

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Governance Futures

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Great Cities

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Infrastructure Futures

Including water and energy futures and infrastructure 2050 Read less
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Understand strategic planning, working with elected members and creating the future as well as self and strategy Read less
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Smart Cities and Citizens

Discover the effect of AI on cities, planning for smart cities, share economy and cities and the future of tourism Read less
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Transport Futures

Discover the future of transport including road futures, autonomous vehicles and EV's and city planning Read less
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Stephen Yarwood

Former Lord Mayor of Adelaide and Innovator

Stephen Yarwood, a distinguished Futurist, Urbanist, and former Lord Mayor of Adelaide, is a catalyst for change in both corporate and community settings. Beyond envisioning the future, he actively educates, motivates, and empowers individuals to shape it.

Immersed in the evolution of AI, Yarwood explores its profound impact on individuals and organizations, offering valuable insights into its trajectory and influence on communities and corporations. He plays a pivotal role in shaping a future where technology integrates seamlessly with organizational and industry goals.

With expertise in cross-disciplinary strategic foresight, Yarwood is fascinated by the dynamic interplay between people, places, technology, and change. As an international thought leader on "the future citizen," he is committed to collaborative leadership, helping leaders navigate the rapidly changing social, environmental, and economic landscape.

Possessing a Bachelor of Arts in Planning, Graduate Diplomas in Regional & Urban Planning and Environmental Studies, and an MBA from Adelaide University, Yarwood is an award-winning Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia. He brings a wealth of international experience, having worked across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Yarwood's consultancy specializes in providing innovative, future-focused, and outcome-oriented expertise in governance, strategy, and policy. It caters to cities, communities, and corporations aspiring to be more prepared, connected, and empowered for a future that differs significantly from the past.

city2050, Yarwood's initiative, targets global corporations, industries, governments, boardrooms, and educators seeking to understand and maximize opportunities amidst the rapid global transformation.

During his tenure as Lord Mayor (2010-2014), Yarwood's emphasis on collaboration with the private sector and the State Government led to numerous outcomes, earning Adelaide international recognition as an innovative destination by Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and The New York Times.

Before his mayoral role, Yarwood worked in the South Australian Government and Parliament, as well as in Local Government, internationally serving as a planner, researcher, educator, and speaker. His diverse planning experience spans strategy to implementation on large projects dealing with various land use types and a wide range of environmental, economic, community, design, and development issues.


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