Richard Neville

Travels from: New South Wales

Cleaver and colorful futurist that will challenge the way you look forward

Categories: Futurists & Future Trends

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In his professional life as a futurist, Richard talks with audiences in Australia and Asia on a range of issues that affect the way we work, play, learn, heal, think and decode the world. He doesn’t try to predict stuff, except when it slips out his big mouth (“Philosophers will be the Rock Gods of future”). Instead, he offers lots of tricks, tools and techniques for audiences to take away and apply, to help make their own assessment about the changing shape and feel of what’s to come.

Sometimes he performs on a grand stage at convention centres, sparking feverish interaction. At other times he works with smaller groups for a half-day or so to build a variety of alternative possible futures relevant to the needs of participants. The aim is to bring clearer into view what probably lies ahead, allowing for wild cards. He does breakfasts, lunches, pre-dinners, after dinners.

Richard Neville - Futurists & Future Trends

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