Nancy Rademaker

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Learn how technology is shaping the future

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Nancy Rademaker is passionate about sharing with audiences her experiences of technology, and the changes it is making to society. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, Nancy has worked in some of the leading IT companies across the globe, including Microsoft. Nancy has a strong interest in people and customer-centric strategies, with a focus on the influence technology has on individual’s behaviours. 

Sharing with audiences her inspirational passion for her work, Nancy combines invaluable information with her past experiences to produce an insightful presentation. She is a highly rated business speaker, having presented at numerous events on the topics of transformation, customer centricity, disruption and AI. 

In 2016, Nancy became partner at nexxworks, inspiring companies to act for the future. 

Nancy has travelled globally, combining her key messages with world-class research to produce relevant speeches for every audience. 

Speaker Topics

Extreme Customer Centricity in a Networked World
Nancy helps organisations grasp the idea of technology and digital becoming the norm. She explores with audiences how to put the customer first in order to be successful and survive in the everchanging market.
Healthcare in the Day After Tomorrow
Nancy discusses the importance of health and how the healthcare system will be redefined by technology. She focuses on the required strategic shifts as well as the practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.
How to Get Ready for an AI Future?
Providing an easy to understand overview of what Artificial Intelligence is, Nancy breaks down terms to make them become clear to audiences. She conveys a clear message of what AI is, what it can do and how it can contribute to helping your business
How to Organise a Networked Company
The replacement of traditional hierarchical structures and a shift in culture is the key to success of digital transformation. Nancy discusses the need for change in leadership, workforce skillset, social technologies and culture.
Market Leadership in The Day After Tomorrow
With technology constantly changing and evolving, it can be easy to become lost. Nancy helps audiences abandon linear ways of thinking, focus on possibilities and let the world inspire them.
Nancy Rademaker - Futurists & Future Trends

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