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Supercharge the gift of diversity in the workplace

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Lilian Kikuvi uses an African tribal framework to super charge the gift of diversity and inclusion in people and businesses. She is a Kenyan-Australian who is passionate with helping individuals and organisations harness the extraordinary power of diversity and inclusion. She achieves this through her inspiring keynote presentations, empowering workshops and consultation services. 

Lilian moved from Kenya to pursue a University education. On arrival in Australia, she had to learn how to navigate a new world as a racial minority, after spending her whole life being part of the majority group in Kenya. 

Lilian holds a Bachelor of Science, Psychology; Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Psychology; Post Graduate Diploma, Counselling; Certificate IV, Training & Assessment; and Certificate in Professional Speaking . 

She has spent thirteen years working in the Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors. Lilian has worked for organisations like Medibank Private, WorkSafe Victoria and Mission Australia. Her clients have included the Australian Defence Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, NSW Police, NSW Corrective Services and NSW Health Department. 

Living as a culturally diverse woman in Australia, Lilian has discovered incredible barriers and opportunities in diversity and inclusion that have a significant impact on people and businesses. 

Lilian’s conviction to make a positive contribution in the 21st century motivates her to help people and businesses go beyond buzzwords and cultivate the fruits of diversity and inclusion. 

Her keynote presentations, workshops and consulting services are designed to deliver evidence based benefits like improvement in health and wellbeing, productivity, profitability and performance. 

Lilian is a highly trained and experienced Speaker and Facilitator. She has been sought after by businesses like Future Crunch, Western Bulldogs Australian Football League (AFL) club, Medibank Private, Melton Council, Culturally Diverse Women (CDW) and Parkville Juvenile Corrections Centre. 

Lilian believes that systematic and sustainable change can only happen when people collaborate. Harambee is a word in her native language that represents this important collaborative process. 

That is why Lilian works with Future Crunch who are a global movement of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs. Future Crunch are on a mission to foster intelligent and optimistic thinking about the future, which will empower people to contribute to this century in a way that works for everyone.

Speaker Topics

The Future of Your Business: How to create a tribal workforce to enhance business performance
According to research, businesses that excel in diversity and inclusion outperform their competitors in a number of areas like improvement in staff health and wellbeing, productivity, profitability and performance. In this session, Lilian draws from her cross cultural experience, market research, extensive commercial knowledge and professional training to show her audience how to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that will boost business performance. She teaches her audience how to apply 5 African tribal principles in order to create a tribal workforce that will deliver improved business performance. These African tribal principles are designed to bring life to policies and enable businesses to be true beneficiaries of diversity and inclusion.
The Superior Minority: How to realise your full potential and thrive because of your difference
In this African inspired session, Lilian introduces her audience to The Superior Minority, a term that she has given to an individual that chooses to live authentically and thrive because of their difference. Lilian combines cross cultural insights, research, storytelling and humour. She shares 5 African tribal principles that can help her audience embrace and maximise on their difference in order to achieve personal success. Lilian offers her audience with a unique perspective by stating that if anyone has ever felt different, for any reason, then they have been a minority. In addition, they can be their most superior selves if they embrace their difference authentically. This can elevate them to the status of superior minority. Lilian highlights the importance of being The Superior Minority, in particular the added richness to diversity in our society. She inspires her audience not only to embrace their own difference, but that of others in order to open the doors of inclusion.


Lilian is an inspiration for emerging leaders and generated insightful discussion amongst everyone present about how we can deal with anything that life throws at us.

Melton Council

Lilian shared her powerful story of migrating from Kenya to Australia and becoming an ‘empowered minority’. Lilian encouraged us to identify times we had been excluded or in the minority and gave us the tools to own and embrace our differences. Thank you Lilian

Western Bulldogs AFL Club

Lilian is an extremely talented and motivating speaker. I highly recommend her for schools and corporate functions

Parkville Juvenile Corrections Centre

Lilian Kikuvi - Futurists & Future Trends

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