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Dr Steven Manos - Futurists & Future Trends - Re-designing teamwork and innovation in the 21st c ...

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Dr Steven Manos

Re-designing teamwork and innovation in the 21st century

Dr Steven Manos is a scientist dedicated to exploring the intersection between digital technologies and community building. Having plenty of experience working in teams with other leading experts, Steven is passionate about building teamwork and strengthening communication in the 21st century. 

Steven completed his PhD in Physics at the University of Sydney after designing optical fibres from genetic algorithms. Soon after, he pursued his postdoctoral research simulating blood flows in the human brain at University College London. Since 2012, Steven has been re-designing the future of data-intensive research as the Head of Research Platforms at the University of Melbourne. 

At Future Crunch, Steven had the incredible opportunity to work alongside a group of scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to build a more peaceful, transparent and abundant future through science and tech.

With dynamic and highly engaging presentations, Future Crunch has helped many explore the intersection between optimism and innovation. Steven is dedicated to guiding audiences towards a more hopeful future by collaborating with others, no matter the industry or organisation.

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