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Anoushka Gungadin

Expert in Leadership & Cultural Intelligence

Anoushka Gungadin is the CEO and founder of GlobalCQ, where she analyses and investigates relations between international cultures through workshops and seminars, and thus fosters a strong cultural intelligence. She and the organisation are highly regarded worldwide for their innovative practices. She is also a Melbourne Business School Graduate holding an MBA, an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation, previously the CEO of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, a speaker of six languages, and also the non-executive Director of Anglo African Investments, which focuses on covering important technology sub-sectors.

In 2018, GlobalCQ was the winner of the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Award. Their work is marvelled upon by many for its unique outlook and sharp comprehension of globalisation and its movements. Anoushka’s mindset is one clearly attuned to the economic shift towards Asia and Africa. A clear diversification in consumer has and continues to occur – Anoushka carries the tools to comprehend and evolve with these shifts.

Anoushka’s expertise encapsulate and huge and ever-growing expanse of areas and can only be paralleled by her prowess as a speaker. Her charisma and energy render her presentations highly engaging and valuable. She now offers her talents to your audience – foster strong and everlasting change with Anoushka’s view of the future. Her presentations are tailored to the specific audience, and she takes the time to understand who your audience is – your presentation will be designed specifically for you.

"I am fascinated with the unique qualities of each person. This allows me to figure out how different people can work together productively and to create enabling environments for high performance and collaboration.

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