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Melissa Meagher

Melissa Meagher brings with her a warmth and passion on her topic, with first-hand experience of how money can play out in all aspects of your life. 

Melissa will activate and capture the audience through sharing relevant and interesting stories to create an awareness of the impact of money.

The audience will walk away with a new found respect and understanding for all things money, question the very essence of what it is, and how your relationship with it can make or break you!

Melissa has over 20 years' experience in the financial service industry, working previously as a financial planner, stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist. Melissa has worked with a variety of different employers- from large financial institutions such as Sunsuper, Suncorp and Westpac to small boutique financial planning firms. 

With a passion for finance and making a difference in peoples lives, Melissa was naturally drawn into financial planning. But while working in the industry she realised there was a strong need to educate and couch people around managing their money.

Melissa consolidated all her knowledge around finances and her love of working with people and created her own Money Mindset and Success Coaching business called Talking Money. 

Talking money is about changing peoples lives; by providing the tools, support and framework to empower them to have clarity, awareness and efficiency around their money.

Melissa creates a safe space to have a real conversation about money and is passionate about uncovering how out relationship with money impacts our motivations and behaviour every...single...day!

Melissa has spoken extensively as a Guest Speaker including Business Chicks and has also been a contributor in numerous magazines and newspapers including Marie Claire Australia and MamaMia.

Melissa is a member of the Financial Planning Association since 1997.


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