Nicole Eckles - Entrepreneur - Passionate about transforming the everyday

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Nicole Eckles

Passionate about transforming the everyday

Launching Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006, Nicole Eckles is passionate about using fragrances to transform the everyday. Described as a fragrance aficionado, Nicole holds expert knowledge in fragrance classification, olfactory families and fragrance trends.

Nicole is a hands-on Co-Founder and CEO, having worked recently with perfumers in France to develop a bespoke range of fragrances for the company. 

Beginning her career as a makeup artist in New York, Nicole realised she needed more challenge in her professional career, ultimately moving her family to Australia. When she arrived in Australia, Nicole went searching to replace a beloved candle she had purchased in New York, however, couldn’t find what she was looking for. This spurred Nicole to fill a gap in the market for fairly priced and delightfully fragranced candles. 

Using a unique approach by anonymously gifting stockists her products, Nicole soon saw wide distribution of her products, with the brands popularity soaring shortly after. 

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