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Nick Allardice

Travels from: Victoria

Founder of Change.org and advocate of Social Change
Categories: Entrepreneur

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Nick Allardice is a social change entrepreneur and advocate, with a history of creating and leading high impact campaigns, movements and organisations on national and global issues. Nick is the founder of Change.org Australia and is now the Managing Director, Asia Pacific, supporting Change.org's growth and expansion in Asia.

Change.org is the fastest growing web platform for social change in the world, with more than 700,000 users in Australia and more than 20 million globally using Change.org to run campaigns on the issues they care about. Nick is also the co-founder of the Live Below the Line campaign. Nick has previously held roles at the executive or board level of The Oaktree Foundation, The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Make Poverty History and OzGREEN.

Change.org is not led by organisations or political parties, but by individuals using the power of digital technology to catalyse and mobilise movements. In two short years Change.org has grown to more than 25 million users globally, and seen thousands of victories on local, national and international issues. I’ll share lessons on what’s lead to this amazing growth, and what can be learned by individuals and organisations from the new style of people powered online campaigning that is exploding around the world.

Nick Allardice - Entrepreneur

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