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Make Every Step Count: How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Why is it that some people succeed in business whilst others dream big but lack the skills to execute a plan? Some may believe its luck, others a born gift, however Jeremy Liddle believes that there are 7 key mindset attributes that are not traits we are necessarily born with, but qualities that can be learned, practiced and executed by anyone willing to make every step count. In this inspiring presentation Jeremy walks the audience through a unique journey of self exploration to uncover the 7 step formula for living a highly successful and rewarding life. Read less
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Profit with Purpose: Changing The World With Entrepreneurial Thinking

Many of us have the best of intentions to make the world a better place, but very few of us have a process in our business, that is designed to give back whilst also providing for our own survival. In this presentation, Jeremy explores core concepts that will elevate a business not only financially, but also create a sustainable organization that addresses social and environmental issues. This in turn creates a sense of purpose in a business that is beyond individual need, empowering your people to truly believe that what they do every day is in fact changing the world. Read less
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Riding Lifes Waves: How to Bounce Back Like An Entrepreneur

Many of us will hit rock bottom in our lives, but rather than viewing these experiences as negative it is the entrepreneur that will seize the opportunity to turn a crises into a strength building exercise, where every step forward counts and creates an even brighter future. In this keynote Jeremy weaves his very personal story of falling from grace, and uncovers the key steps he took to rebuild his life and go on to become one of Australias most successful Young Guns in the business world. Jeremy believes the key to his success was identifying and implementing a mindset of courage, belief and determination. Read less
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Stand Up and Lead: What it takes to lead like an Entrepreneur

We all have the skills to be a leader, but we consistently make choices to either lead or follow. In this keynote, Jeremy delves into the traits of entrepreneurial thinking that will naturally guide us into a position of developing our leadership capacity. Jeremy takes audiences through the importance of making decisions quickly in problem solving, leading with impact and inspiring purpose in your people. Having been involved with various successful startups, in addition to being the leader of Australias representative body for young entrepreneurs, Jeremy understands why it is results and action, rather than excuses that change the game. Read less
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Jeremy Liddle

Advising world leaders on global best practice in policy and processes for success

Jeremy Liddle is a passionate entrepreneur and businessman. He has advised global leaders on best practice in policy and process to achieve business success.

In 1999, Jeremy began his education in psychology before dropping out to chase the partying lifestyle. Unfortunately, as time passed, Jeremy became stuck and hit a personal rock bottom. 

Rather than continue this lifestyle, Jeremy decided to overcome his adversities and challenges to achieve success. 

At the age of 20, Jeremy managed his first start-up business, a juice bar trade. In 2005, he co-found a natural health company called RioLife. 

As a speaker, Jeremy has presented at TedX talks across the globe on the topic of entrepreneurial thinking and leadership. 

Jeremy has also published his own book, ‘From Idea to Start-Up’, which encourages readers to create their own vision and achieve their dream.


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