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David Chalk

Award-winning Marketer, Entrepreneur and Technology Guru

At twenty-three years old, David made his first million from nothing. Since then, he has created, invested, and sold over twenty companies. He has won numerous awards for Sales, Branding and Business Management. He has been dubbed “Most Outstanding Marketer” and “One of the Top 100 Employers to work for” by the Retail Council of Canada. He has also received the American Marketing Association (AMA) award for web design in education and was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award.

With over thirty years of experience, David is recognized as one of Canada’s leading technological strategists and marketers. Along with a doctorate in technology, he is fully equipped to help people and businesses succeed. He has worked with leaders such as Bill Gates and the CEOs of Sony, Samsung, and Intel.

However, David’s path to success was filled with many obstacles and challenges. Early in life, he was told he would never succeed and was written off by the school system due to acute learning disabilities. Rather than be a victim of his condition, he mastered a unique thinking process and is now described as one of the most Gifted Dyslexics of the Century.

Nowadays, David combines his extensive knowledge with his personal story to inspire and empower others, helping them tap into their abilities and realize their goals and dreams.

As a speaker, David has made over 600 presentations and has spoken on behalf of companies such as Microsoft, TELUS, HP and Sony. He has over twenty years of experience and is known for his unique and inspirational talks that leave his audiences feeling transformed. David’s keynotes focus on technology, brand strategy and change management.

He is also a columnist, having written articles for several publications such as The Globe & Mail and Canada.com.

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