David Chalk

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Delivering one-of-a-kind, inspirational and transformational talks

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David Chalk is a entrepreneur who has created, invested and sold more than 20 companies in his lifetime. At the age of 23 David made his first million from nothing. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, David is an award-winning marketer, technology guru, highly sought after speaker on success, has a doctorate in technology and is fully conversant in the tools and technologies that help people and businesses succeed.

He has experienced the exhilarating highs and the devastating lows that come with self-management. What many have not realized, however, is that David himself has faced huge obstacles and challenges in order to gain the knowledge he shares with others today. Early in life, David was told he would never succeed due to acute learning disabilities and was subsequently written off by the school system. Rather than be a victim of his condition he created coping skills and a passion for success. Never looking back, he is living evidence of what a driven person is capable of. He is a true believer in Possibility For All.

David has a reputation for delivering one-of-a-kind, inspirational and transformational talks that leave an indelible impression on each of his audiences. David has spent 20 years educating and sharing his lessons through keynote speaking engagements and has given in excess of 300 talks over the years including:

  • MIT on Corporate Culture
  • Standford Aerospace
  • Many of the world’s Fortune 500s
  • Foreign government on national policy & education
  • Many other industries including real estate, technology, marketing, and security
David Chalk - Entrepreneur

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