Abigail Forsyth

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Founder and CEO of KeepCup 2013 Entrepeneur of the Year Nominee

Categories: Entrepreneur, Innovation, Sustainability and Environmentalists, Women in Business

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Abigail Forsyth first started developing KeepCup as a side project to have whilst she raised her children. Little did she know she would start an international phenomenon, with people worldwide using and loving her products.  KeepCup is Australia’s leading reusable barista standard coffee cup.  

Kick-starting her entrepreneurism at the age of 11, Abigail began selling sandwiches in the business park where her father worked during the school holidays. With profit and losses all accounted for, Abigail was able to detect a whole in the market, filling it with delights like peanut butter, honey and apricot sandwiches, which were a delight for customers.

After completing a Law and Arts study, Abigail worked at a boutique law firm in Melbourne as a solicitor. It was during this period that she regularly volunteered at the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC) a not-for-profit charity, giving legal advice to refugees and immigrants to Australia.

In 1998, Abigail left the legal world and started up Bluebag with her brother, offering fresh and healthy sandwiches in Melbourne’s CBD. Abigail uncovered her flair for store design, menu and packaging.

In 2010, after twelve years in the business, the pair sold the company having provided a stepping-stone for Abigail to explore the idea of KeepCup. The enormous volumes of disposable packaging and waste that was produced by the hospitality industry alarmed Abigail, and she was determined to find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to serve and package food for consumers.

Using her experience from behind the coffee machine, as well as being a consumer, Abigail began to design a product that would inspire and assist in behavioural changes steered away from disposable packaging.

Abigail is the Co-Founder and Spokesperson for KeepCup, with the company selling KeepCups around the world. The product is designed and manufactured in Australia, with offices and warehouses in the USA and UK, and 25 distribution partners across the globe.

KeepCup offers a simple and effective product for individuals to do the right thing and have a positive environmental impact. Since 2009, over eight million KeepCups have been sold which has prevented billions of disposable takeaway cups from going to landfill.

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Abigail Forsyth - Entrepreneur

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