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Handling Tourette’s?

Overcome glossophobia

Turn your flaw into a ‘SUPERPOWER’

Seamus Evans

We are all faced with challenge in our lives. Turn yours into a strength.

Seamus has Tourettes Syndrome – and that’s his superpower.

Through acceptance, passion and determination you can overcome adversity and build resilience to succeed in all areas of your life. Be inspired to conquer the world as Seamus shares his triumphant journey overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome to work on TV and pursue a career in the public eye.

Your adversity can either be a setback or a gateway… so turn your ‘flaw’ into a ‘SUPERPOWER’

75% of the world’s population are more scared of speaking in public than they are of DYING! Master the fear of public speaking, harness those nerves and conquer the stage, boardroom, executives office and shine bright like a diamond.

He’s also an incredibly talented public speaker – and he wants you to be too. Become a minority and sit in the top 25% of people who aren’t scared of the spotlight.

Over his career reporting on live television, performing stand up comedy and hosting breakfast radio shows around the country, Seamus has picked up handy tricks and techniques to turn those nerves into excitable energy and perform at his peak under extreme pressure.

Seamus recognises the importance of neurodiversity.

Equality in the workplace and schoolyard is important in our modern society. As we move closer to a fully inclusive world nobody should be ‘off the table’ for employment or education opportunities. 

He works very closely with a child and adolescent psychiatrist to educate teachers and staff on the correct way to manage someone with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and many of neurological conditions for a more inclusive society.   


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