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Andrew Fuller - Education Speakers - Putting the heart back into psychology

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Raising Boys to be Respectful Gentlemen

This talk is about how we create an awareness in boys of their power to become wonderful young men who can create a difference in the world through building healthy relationships, having a sense of meaning and purpose and creating a great life for themselves. Read less
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Raising Girls to be confident, empowered young women

This talk is about how we create an awareness in girls of their power to become wonderful young women who can create a difference in the world through building healthy confident relationships, having a sense of meaning, purpose and empowerment. Young women often need to learn that you need to take care of yourself first and that enables you create a great life. Read less
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The Learning Brain

How teachers can use research from neuroscience to increase leaning outcomes. Read less
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The Resilient Mindset

Research my team has completed on 190.000 students reveals a resilient mindset. This extends the idea of a growth mindset and gives teachers clear strategies for helping anxious and avoidant learners develop more productive learning strategies. It also provides a comprehensive way of handling behavioural issues. Read less
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Thriving in the Senior Years of School

The senior years of school present a unique and perplexing challenge to students and their parents. This workshops helps both to negotiate their way through these years towards the best outcomes possible. Read less
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Tricky People, Tricky Behaviours

How to deal with horrible types before they ruin your life. Whether they are parents, colleagues or family members, this presentation equips people with the skills to deflect and deal with the angry the bewildered and the self-obsessed. Read less
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Tricky Teens

Lifting the lid on the adolescent brain and the essential conversations to have with teens. Read less
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Andrew Fuller

Putting the heart back into psychology

With a background in clinical psychology, Andrew Fuller has worked with schools across the country to boost resilience. Having specialised in the health and welfare of youths, Andrew is the primary expert for youth mental health.

Andrew has developed practical and coherent strategies for boosting resilience within the classroom. Working alongside teachers and students, Andrew has also helped to establish mental health programs with a strong focus on promoting good mental health. His involvement in “The Heart Masters” has taught emotional intelligence to over 3500 schools across Australia and the UK. He also hopes to tackle pertinent issues within younger generations, such as substance abuse, bullying, suicide and homelessness.

As the principal consultant to the national drug prevention strategy REDI, a member of the National Coalition Against Bullying, an Ambassador for Mind Matters, Andrew is also a Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Learning and Educational Development at the University of Melbourne

Readers may know Andrew from his extensive writing, having written several books on the promotion of mental health and resilience. His books include ‘Tricky Kids’, ‘Guerilla Tactics for Teachers’, ‘Raising Real People’ and ‘Beating Bullies’. Andrew also has also contributed his expertise to children’s TV on the ABC.

Taking his expertise around the country, Andrew’s keynote presentations provide practical and educational information that will help shape the mental wellbeing of future generations.


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