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Joe Hockey - Economists - Leading expert on global politics and commerce

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Joe Hockey

Leading expert on global politics and commerce

Across his professional career in international politics, the Honourable Joe Hockey has developed an extensive wealth of expertise. As a widely recognized authority on commerce and politics, he is regularly consulted around the world, including in Australia and the United States.

Mr Hockey served in the Australian Parliament for nearly two decades, where he worked closely with the Prime Minister by managing various portfolios, including financial services, health and welfare delivery, employment, workplace relations, small business and tourism.

With his proven track record, Mr Hockey was then appointed as Treasurer of Australia, where he led the country’s economy in the second most significant position in the Commonwealth Government. Under his guidance, Australia’s economy continued to grow consistently without a recession.

After working with the Australian Government, Mr Hockey would later bring his economic expertise to the international stage. In 2014, he served alongside other global economic leaders as the Chair of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers Group.

Most notably, Mr Hockey served as the Australian Ambassador to the United States across President Obama and President Trump’s presidency. He is renowned for negotiating major wins with the Trump Administration on a range of issues, including on the enforcement of refugee agreements, as well as exemptions from the tariffs and quotas imposed by the Trump Administration.

Mr Hockey is a Visiting Fellow at American University, and is also heavily involved with the World Bank and its member countries. He continues to provide strategic and tactical advice for international businesses, where he shares his expertise on everything from infrastructure and investment, to cyber-security and politics. 

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