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Elysse Morgan

Leading Australian journalist on business and economics

Best known as the host of Australia's most respected business program 'The Business', award-winning journalist Elysse Morgan is a leading commentator on all things business, finance and economics.

Elysse began her career producing the award-winning Sky News program ‘2007 Election Agenda’, before moving to ABC as a rural reporter in 2009. Her coverage on the Global Financial Crisis, as well as the impact of droughts and mining booms on regional Australian communities, also added more accolades to her name. Soon after, Elysse would take her career to New South Wales where she hosted tough interviews on the state-wide Country Hour program.

With her expertise on business and finance, Elysse was then offered another role with ABC’s Australia Network Business Today program. Working as a reporter and executive producer, she would later move to ABC's business desk to present on leading current affairs programs including AM, PM, 730 and The Business. Elysse was instrumental in shaping ABC’s business and economics coverage, which has since become a core part of the network's offering.

Deeply passionate on all things economics, Elysse has built a reputation for herself with her forensic and interrogative interviews. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others in a warm and comedic manner.

A highly sought-after public speaker and MC, Elysse has presented for Australian organisations like CSIRO, ASIC, Australian Business Economists, and Twitter. She has also facilitated major telecast events for AMCHAM and the British Chamber of Commerce, as well as for the Australian Energy Week Conference.

In her spare time, Elysse also provides financial education to Australians through a variety of charities and school programs.

With insightful expertise and insatiable curiosity, Elysse has been delivering engaging and valuable keynote presentations across Australia to rave reviews.


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