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At the forefront of the digital disruption, social media and home delivery revolutions

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Barry Urquhart is an internationally respected and in-demand conference keynote speaker, business strategist, consumer behaviour analyst, facilitator of strategic planning workshops and a top selling author. He is driven to provide clients insights and analyses that define their brand and enable them to enjoy sustainable competitive advantages, benefits and rewards. 

Barry is at the forefront of the digital disruption, social media and home delivery revolutions, consulting to, strategizing and facilitating business development workshops for leading enterprises, big and small, throughout Britain, the United States of America, New Zealand and Australia. 

Barry is renowned for his strikingly accurate forecast in 2006 of the August, 2008 onset of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). More recently, he projected the China economic correction and the earlier significant downturn in mining industry capital expenditure, and its implications for small and mid-sized mining companies. Each was based on his dynamic strategic planning model, providing advantage, benefits and a competitive edge for client companies. 

Barry is the Managing Director of Marketing Focus, a Perth based market research and strategic planning practice, author of six books, including the two largest selling publications on service excellence in Australasia, both of which are now available as e-books. 

Each year Barry travels some 300,000 kilometres on five continents to deliver up to 100 keynote addresses, to facilitate around 15 strategic planning workshops and to lead interactive one-on-one marketing audits. He is a regular commentator of consumer issues on public and commercial radio, is featured on a series of interview topics on television current affairs programs, and contributes articles to 49 magazines throughout the world. 

He is also a former lecturer in Marketing and Management at the Curtin University of Technology, and has degrees in marketing, political science and sociology

Speaker Topics

Breakthrough Merchandising
A fresh, innovative perspective on how to optimise the customer experience, enhance company and product images; how to stimulate consumer interest; and lots of ideas which can increase sales and counter the need to discount price. This visual merchandising address features a multitude of photographic slides which profile contemporary case studies.
Business Warfare
A high energy address that centres on competitive strategies, identifying opportunities and analysing the implications of differing tactics. It is original, with easy to implement strategies which have an international record of success for client companies from a diverse range of industries.
It Is Better To Be Different Than It Is To Be Better
A creative and challenging insight into the current market place and consumers perceptions, habits, motivations and preferences. It is based on the findings of exclusive market research. The underlying concepts of dynamic difference and change demand self induced obsolescence. Repetition is death. This headline capturing keynote address details bold, daring and different case studies and ideas that are driving high achieving companies, people and products.
Service That Sells
Barry Urquhart is the author of the two best selling books on quality customer service in Australasia, Serves You Right! and Service Please!. His ongoing schedule of original research into differing aspects of service excellence provides unique insights into the needs and expectations of internal and external customers. The true nature of relationship marketing, customer satisfaction, loyalty programmes and empowerment of staff is detailed in a captivating style. Barry has been at the forefront of the customer service revolution for over two decades. His case studies, anecdotes and research findings enthuse and inspire.
The DNA of Profitable Retailing
A refreshing, insightful and challenging insight in the emerging market forces and the fundamentals of retail success. Attendees benefit from an appreciation of the seven dimensions of effective merchandising and the eight building blocks to productive supply chain and brand management.


With enthusiasm and clarity, Barry effectively connected with our members delivering key practical and achievable messaging to encourage and empower them into action. His presentation delivered on his firm’s name, Marketing Focus!

Institute of Mercantile Agents

Barry was an extremely engaging presenter who was well educated on the topic of change. I would highly recommend Barry as a keynote speaker.


Thank you for your insightful keynote delivered at our conference. It is clear that you have reflected at some length on the subject matter and delivered a thought provoking, interesting and more importantly, user friendly address which provided useful solutions and suggestions to all delegates to take away and implement in their own businesses. I thank you for your efforts and congratulate you on the manner in which you engaged each and every delegate.

Retirement Village Association

Barry Urquhart - Economists

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