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Michelle Heyman

Michelle Heyman is an Australian soccer player and commentator who is passionate about sharing her story.

She has played for the Matildas and is currently playing for Adelaide United in the W- League. Outside of soccer, she is currently building her own soccer sessions for young girls who have the same dream as herself.

She is passionate about creating a safe environment that will help build leadership, positive attitude, and just to have some fun! Her main goal is empowering women in sport and whatever they set out to achieve, and to learn to love and smile when they are playing.

Michelle, having struggled with her own anxiety, aims to raise awareness around mental health. Almost quitting sport after the loss of her cousin who inspired her to get into soccer, she started to seek support and learn about her own mental health.

She is grateful for the people around her that helped her to believe in herself and be true to herself.

Michelle is also a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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