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Dr Liz Wilson - Diversity & Inclusion - A strong advocate for inclusion in all facets of l ...

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Dr Liz Wilson

A strong advocate for inclusion in all facets of life

Equity and Fairness are core to Liz Wilson’s philosophy. As the founder and CEO of The Inclusive Foundation, Liz devotes her life to fostering an environment where people are valued for their differences. She’s an avid renouncer of reductive descriptors, shunning any label that establishes barriers between people. Instead, she directs her energy towards empowering the people who need it the most.

Liz has established the worldwide benchmark for inclusivity in the workplace, sparking change in organisations everywhere. This change is a by-product of her PhD qualified expertise in organisational culture, and a strongly held passion for inclusion. In 2018, Liz was awarded the Stevie Award for Women in Business, and the NFP Female Innovator of the Year.

Liz’s expertise is complimented by her skills as a professional speaker. Her charm and energy regularly inspire audiences; Liz instils within her audience as desire to change the status quo and contribute to a more beautiful world where everyone is included. Liz’s ability to connect with her audience via enriching and thoughtful anecdotes and ideas places her amongst the most striking and valuable presenters available. Her keynote presentations are invaluable.


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