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How do you go from being an industry trainer and leader across Europe for Contiki Holidays to being one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in Australia and the Asia Pacific?

That is a question asked often of Mark Carter, and the answer is understanding people. Understanding how they behave, why they make the choices they do both professionally and personally.

It is this understanding that has seen Mark hold senior and strategic leadership development roles for major global players across Asia Pacific and Europe and led to him to being invited to work on projects designing and implementing sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams across the globe.

Add to that consistency with some serious hard work and that is how in twenty years Mark has moved from connecting with people in Europe to connecting with people in their own lives.

Today Mark is an expert in human behaviour and has built a professional reputation second to none, acquiring a catalogue of life experiences and knowledge through his own journey that many people can only dream about.

He approaches the subjects of leadership, sales, peak performance and behavioural sciences from a unique perspective of depth; with his knowledge crossing all industry channels, including e-commerce, advertising, travel, real estate, property, recruitment, hospitality, telecommunications, banking, government, not-for-profit and many more.

Multi-talented, Mark is a published author, is also called upon often to present at business seminars and is frequently invited to speak as keynote to set the theme, or as host for prestigious gala events: including the Citizen of the Year Awards as part of Australia Day Celebrations in 2012.

Founder of ‘My Curation’, MC Academy Learning Management System (specialised for individuals and SME) Mark is a recurrent contributor to publications and media including a bi monthly blog for Travel Bulletin, guest on 2SM Super Network radio and featured in GQ. In April 2019 he delivered his inaugural TEDx talk. He is accredited in recognised leading behavioural tools: including MBTI, DISC, WPMot, Tri Metrix, EQ-i, EQ360.

Mark can help you, your business and your teams, whether it is through his keynote, as a trainer, facilitator or through his ground breaking online academy, Mark has the match that will ignite the human potential that lays within you.

His fascination for both big picture and quirky details of life, weaved with a masterful skill in communication, allows him to build relationships with his audiences leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action.

Speaker Topics

Brain Drain
Mark explores the 5 personal development pillars that will help leverage peak performance through consciously managing your most important piece of personal technology. That is your mind. Learn how to flip the switch of mental state, minimise negativity and be a more conscious creator of the results and life
Culture Creation
Culture is to employees what brand is to consumers. Dissect this toolkit: a pallet to consciously create your own culture canvas. Including themes of diversity, inclusivity and adoption of values and behaviours. Learn to tap the magical ingredient of discretionary effort.
Driving Sustainable Change
Companies change because people do, and with seven out of ten change management initiatives either failing or seriously impeded, leveraging behavioural sciences is the paradigm that will help set your business up for success
Igniting Your Potential
As described in Marks book, Ignite Your Potential, Mark holds the match in the form of the key principles and tips that will ignite the potential in you to reach your peak performance, professionally, personally and in business.
Pillars of Wisdom
Thomas Edward Lawrence, Ataturk and Otto Von Bismarck, legends of history, teach us 3 powerful keys adaptable for modern day leadership. Through his keynote, Mark explores the lives of significant historical figures through a lens that will have you viewing concepts around collaboration, candour and othe challenges you face in a whole new light.
Polishing Your Gems
Mark explores the five fundamental principles for improving and driving leadership capabilities, helping you turn the raw human talent within your business into the gems that they are.
The Myth of Multi Tasking
Emboldened organisations are now disrupting the concept of the 8 hour working day and Mark will show how, through incorporating 10 key themes, you can drive your businesses success through improving the personal efficiency and processes of your teams
Time Machine
Join Mark as he steps you back through time in the spirit of HG Wells across ten periodic stops, from the Neolithic through to modern day and beyond. Each period carrying with it a single standout lesson massively applicable for success in modern day business, disruption personal development and improved communications
White Rabbits and Black Cats
Mark will explore the blending of digital sales with classic wisdom. How it is our own misconceptions, limiting beliefs, habits and mindsets that holds us back from achieving success. Through this keynote, Mark will free the minds and skills, and increase the sales capabilities of your sales people.


I just wanted to let you know that Mark Carter spoke at our conference. He was bloody fantastic. Everyone related to him … he’s very personable, a wealth of knowledge and information. I’d give him a 10/10. We loved him. Great graphics, sensational presentation style, easy to listen to, great content, funny, interesting, gave us some giveaways – all personalized, which everyone loved. Mark is a very talented speaker. He gets a big tick from me.

Leishman & Associates

Mark’s his ability to connect with each individual created those light bulb moments for a large number of our team which has positively impacted our business and the way our staff view their roles and contribution

Sun Doctors

Mark Carter - Customer Service

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