Justin Herald - Motivational Speaker

Travels from: New South Wales

Entrepreneur, Sales and Customer Service Expert and Captivating Motivational Speaker. 

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Justin Herald understands what it takes to make a business work. 

He started his first business in 1995 at the age of 25 with just $50 in his bank account.  Justin started printing t-shirts with quirky slogans and selling them at markets.  They were a hit and he went on to license a wider range of products that were selling in 3,500 stores worldwide. 

Herald was named as International Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005.  Recently, his tenacity and hard work was recognised when he was given a Future leaders Award, naming him as one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

Justin has also created a new way to engage customers and has founded ‘ReferUs.com’. As Managing Director, he has marketed this successful system to businesses globally.

Proven methods in Marketing, Sales, Customer Culture and Retention help Justin engage with an audience to provide key skills in growing your business.  Hands-on training will develop your workforce and enhance the understanding and skills of staff to maximise sales and customer engagement.

Justin Herald has published eight books which have been best sellers internationally. His knowledge and understanding of people gives him the ability to drive them to succeed.  His ability to encourage staff and management will ensure the ongoing success of both business and personnel.

Justin can tailor a program specifically for you or can deliver one of his successful training packages.‚Äč

Experience and success are what Justin Herald will bring to your event.  He will engage staff with his comedic wit and challenge them with his proven methods. 

Justin's new keynote is titled 'From Followers to Fans (F2F) - How to be your customer's first and only choice!'. During this keynote he addresses how to keep customers attention and how to turn them from customers (followers) into raving fans (loyal customers). Exploring how consumer behaviour and desires drive their choices, Justin shows you and your team 6 simple steps that can be easily put into practice to improve your business. 

Businesses across the globe are trying to find a way to get and keep their customers attention, and throughout this presentation, Justin will show you how to have a competitive edge over your competitors.

Justin Herald - Customer Service

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