Tracey Ezard

Travels from: Victoria

Dedicated to motivating people to collaborate and thrive in the workplace

Categories: Communication, Leadership

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

As a keynote speaker, author and educator, Tracey Ezard is dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to collaborate and thrive in the workplace. She works to help teams connect quickly, forming the glue required to achieve extraordinary results. 

Tracey is the author of two books,'The Buzz – Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture' and 'Glue – The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work'.

Working with leaders and teams who want to elevate above competition and acheive greater results, Tracey equips audiences with the tools needed to stand out and collaborate . She works with audiences to help them understand that the world requires a new type of leadership, which is focussed on collaboration, communication, learning and relationships.

Tracey strongly believes that our best selves are helped to shine when our work environment is full of connection, compassion and purposeful conversations. 

Speaker Topics

Authentic Dialogue
Dynamic dialogue that builds connections and the ability to create an atmosphere of learning is required in the complexity of todays world. Tracey is able to teach audiences how to communicate effectively in order to feel connected, valued and make changes.
Collaborative Growth Mindset
Discover how to shake up the status quo and get moving! Tracey enables audiences with the mindset needed to stay ahead of the game, to grow through learning and reach for possibilities.
Compelling Environment
Tracey helps audiences understand how to create a place that people want to cocreate and collaborate together.
Tracey Ezard - Communication

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