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Feedback That Doesn't Suck

Georgia helps her audience understand what is holding them back from being the best version of themselves by using feedback to grow peoples performance and productivity.

Kick Ass Catch Ups

Georgia shows her audience the two components to having kick ass catch ups that add value to any business, quantity and quality.

Recognition Matters

Learn how to create a high performance culture that is fast, easy and costs nothing but holds powerful and measurable results.

Georgia Murch

Australia’s leading expert in designing feedback cultures for organisations

Georgia puts passion on a podium and makes sure there’s no gloom on zoom. An incredible communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges audiences to become better versions of themselves, their workplaces and their homes.

You may have heard of an ‘unconference’ that replaces the conventional structured program of events with free-flowing ideas and conversations. Georgia likes to do the same with her keynotes. Whilst she can do the pre-prepared content to inspire and delight, she finds that audiences love being in the driver’s seat. This is where they get to decide what they want to hear and learn.

Georgia sets the scene about why it’s important and then let’s the audience decide what they want to know. It’s fun, interactive and meets people where they are at.

Georgia Murch is a best-selling author with three books in the feedback, culture and personal development space. She is also the Founder of www.canwetalk.co a consulting business who sees themselves as straight talking culture creators. She appears on The Morning Show, Sky News, The Today Show, ABC radio and writes for Huffington Post, AFR, The Australian, news.com.au, Business Chicks, CEO World, Australian HR Institute and Modern Business.

She has been in the dance of building better cultures and growing better humans for over 20 years now. She’s led team and organisations and understands the vast complexity and colours of a workplace. She’s done the miles.

She now engages with workplaces who want to grow and sustain kickass cultures. No really. Cultures where performance and engagement are measured equally.

She is passionate, a little left-of-centre, authentic, straight shooting and ‘quirky corporate’. She’s an avid yogi, an embarrassing mum to two kids and a self-confessed excellent reverse parker

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