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Simon Yates

Travels from: Victoria

Simon will make you laugh….and leave other emotions jangled and stimulated

Categories: Comedians

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Award-winning physical performer Simon Yates of internationally acclaimed company Acrobat joined forces in 2012 with comic Frank Woodley for INSIDE, a tale of conflict and drama between the ultimate odd couple set in a brutal prison.  Sound like a barrel of laughs? No?   Then Simon Yates has done his job.

Reading his bio is a bit like reading a manifesto –his motivation in performance seems much more complex than just drawing gasps from the audience.  Quoted as saying he’s worked tirelessly for years at being obscure and unpopular  now in his latest  effort as creating a comedy set in a prison  he’s had a ball clowning around behind bars.

Together they play twin brothers caged together in a surreal, sadistic prison/laboratory thing.   Now that’s something everyone can enjoy.   A professionally trained master acrobat, who honed his talents in Circus Oz and the world-touring ensemble Acrobat, he can do a triple back somersault off a teeterboard and he has a few tricks up his sleeve that no one else in the world can do.

Simon Yates - Comedians

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